The video shows amazing experiments with eggs and some surprising internals of eggs in the area of Physics.

Language: English

Subject: Sciences – Physics


You will love this collection of science experiments that will blow your mind! The first experiment we are going to teach you is the bouncy egg experiment. You will need a glass of vinegar, marker core piece and a raw egg. Put the core piece of a marker into a glass of vinegar. Carefully place an egg into a glass. Leave the egg in the glass for 1 day. When the egg has started to become translucent, take it out of the glass. Your bouncy egg is ready. Check if it’s jumping
Did you know the easiest way to check if the egg is fresh? Place eggs in water. Old eggs will be on the top of the water.
The next cool experiment is about growing and shrinking eggs. Sounds crazy but watch our video and your world will change. Pour vinegar in a high glass and put an egg inside and leave for one day. The egg has become bigger and translucent. Take this egg and place in a glass full of maple syrup and wait for 1 day. The egg will shrink. After that place the same egg in a glass with water, also you can add some dye. And again, wait for a day. Watch the result!

Author: 5-Minute Crafts (YouTube)

Publication date: 12-04-2019

Video length: 09:01