YuzuPulse aims to bring innovation closer to the social economy and education. To do so, we accompany teachers in using ICT tools and gamification to offer innovative methods to teach languages and STEM, and to support the development of key skills and entrepreneurship in formal and non-formal education.
Logopsycom is an education innovation center that creates and uses alternative methods or tools (digital or not) to accompany schools, VET centers, educational organizations, youngsters and parents. It was initially created as a care company, specialized on learning disorders, among youngsters, especially in “Dys” (Dyspraxia, Dysphasia, Dyslexia, etc.), also called Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) and therefore always works on the accessibility of content.

Euphoria Net is an Italian company set-up in March 2019 with the main scope of providing services in the project management field. We assist and support organizations in carrying out and managing projects as well as providing training on this topic. Indeed, Euphoria is specialized in the educational field and works in projects to bring innovation in such fields. Our work satellites around three main areas:
1 – Project management: we follow all the aspects related to EU projects;
2 – Training courses: we organize training courses especially for schools of any grade, Universities, associations, companies in project management, digital competencies, entrepreneurship, boosting STEM at school, EU citizenship, personalized learning, soft skills and innovative methodologies.
3 – Organization of events and communication strategies: we organize dissemination strategies within projects, including the setting-up of project branding, communication, stakeholders mapping, event organization and coordination all over Europe.

Nicolae Iorga School opened its gates in 1973. It is an inclusive educational institution situated in Ploieşti, 50 km far from our capital city, Bucharest. There are 47 qualified teachers and 800 students, aged 6 to 15 in our school.  Due to the school’s good results and its involvement in various educational projects the school is well-equipped in multimedia; there are computers with internet connection and multimedia projectors in every classroom. Our students are very keen on to taking part in international projects; therefore we were happy to participate in 2018-2021 in 2 Erasmus projects: “We care about our planet” and “Forgotten jobs”. We had more than 30 e-Twinning projects (some projects received the European Quality Label) and many International projects with schools all over the world (Parlez-vous global?/ Peace Crane/One World Classrooms).
Arsakeion or Arsákeio [Arsákio], is the name of a group of co-educational independent schools in Greece, administered by the Philekpedeftiki Etería (“Society of the Friends of Education”), a non-profitable organization. Asrakeia Tositseia Schools consists of six schools, with campuses in Athens (Psychiko, Ekali), Thessaloniki, Patras, Ioannina, and Tirana, Albania with more than 6,000 students in total. Arsakeio Gymnasium of Patras is located in the area of Platani, Rio, right outside the Municipality of Patras. It is one of the oldest educational foundations of Patras. The Arsakeia Schools of Patras include Kindergarten, Elementary Schools, Gymnasium and Upper Secondary School, all of which are now mixed in school premises which combine innovation with an ideal natural environment. Arsakeio Gymnasium of Patras is currently running 8 Erasmus+ programs and 5 e-twinning ones. The school is equipped with the latest technological equipment (modern computers, interactive whiteboards, Lu Playground) and places equal emphasis on academic performance and international projects.

Located in the North-East of Estonia Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium provides both basic and upper secondary education. In 1973 the school started as a high school.  In 1991 it became an Upper Secondary School and in 1993 the school changed its name to Narva Pähklimäe Gümnaasium. In 2021/2022 the school has 1051 students and a well-established, hardworking and creative team of some 80 teachers. Compulsory subjects are taught in two languages: Estonian and Russian. Language immersion programs in Estonian and English are implemented starting from the 1st grade. Elective courses are provided at all school levels on different topics depending on the needs of the students and future graduates’ plans. Electives: Economics, Informatics, extra classes in Biology, Mathematics, Social Studies, Start-ups, Creative Interior Design, German and English languages. The school has a well-established support system: a social -teacher, a school psychologist, speech therapist, library board, information technology office. A variety of project activities are implemented supporting integration processes in Estonia and Europe, which promote a healthy lifestyle, support children with special needs and develop students’ language skills. The school has developed a solid working system with students who have interest in exact and natural sciences. As a result, students regularly participate in different levels of academic competitions and demonstrate stable high results. Students take part in the school, the city and the republic’s olympiads, and even represent Estonia in international competitions.