This video proposes questions and answers about Billie Holiday’s struggles and rise as a black woman in the music industry in 1930s America.

Language: English

Subject: Culture & History – Art – Civic education – Cultural awareness

Original caption: In celebration of Women’s History Month, as well as a tribute to Black History Month last month, we’re incredibly excited to introduce a NEW series, Historic Heroes! This episode explores Billie Holiday and why you should know more about her!! In this video, my friend, Dahlia, talks about Billie Holiday’s journey as a singer, as well as her musical, political fight for the criminalization of lynching. Hope you enjoy!

Firstly, HUGE PROPS to our amazing narrator/performer, Dahlia, for researching Billie Holiday and bringing this story to the channel!! You did amazing!!

Author: Thomas Sanders (YouTube)

Publication date: 10-03-2019

Video length: 07:09