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Keel: Inglise keel

Teema: Teadused – Bioloogia

Algne kirjeldus: Explore the incredible diversity of eyes and vision in the animal kingdom, and find out which creature has the best eyesight.

The animal kingdom boasts an incredible diversity of eyes. Some rotate independently while others have squiggly-shaped pupils. Some have protective lids, others squirt blood. But which creature has the best sight? Which sees best in the darkness? Which sees the most detail? Which animal sees the most color? And finally, which detects motion the fastest? Thomas W. Cronin investigates.

Lesson by Thomas W. Cronin, directed by Josefina Preumayr.

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Autor: TED-Ed (YouTube)

Avaldamise kuupäev: 25-01-2022

Video pikkus: 05:16