Video selgitab globaalse kodakondsuse mõistet.

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Teema: Poliitiline haridus – Kodanikuharidus – Ühiskonnaõpetus

Algne kirjeldus: Have you ever considered yourself a world citizen? Today, more than ever, people are connected to each other in ways that go beyond the physical distance. What does that mean in terms of the perspective we should foster? How should we think about our actions and their consequences?

Watch this video to learn about what world citizenship is and why it is important. This video is a part of our “What is…” series, which explores basic concepts that come up in discussions of global issues in an easy to understand way.

Autor: Sunhak Peace Prize (YouTube)

Avaldamise kuupäev: 17-11-2020

Video pikkus: 03:17