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Algne kirjeldus: Learn all about Cubism! Meet Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, the artists who started this famous art movement. Watch this short introduction for kids.

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Breakdown of topics in the video
00:00-00:44 Introduction
00:44-00:57 Why is it called “Cubism”?
00:57-01:43 Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso
01:43-02:12 Why did they make Cubist art?
02:12-02:21 Definition of Analytic Cubism
02:21-02:29 Definition of Synthetic Cubism
02:29-02:53 Example of Analytic Cubism
02:53-03:32 Example of Synthetic Cubism
03:33-04:35 Other artists who were part of Cubism
04:35-04:58 The outbreak of the First World War
04:59-05:25 How the story ends

Autor: Tate Kids (YouTube)

Avaldamise kuupäev: 05-01-2022

Video pikkus: 05:25