Video selgitab, kuidas parandada sotsiaalseid ja suhtlemisoskusi mitmekultuurilises keskkonnas.

Keel: Inglise keel

Teema: Kultuur & Ajalugu – Kodanikuharidus – Ühiskonnaõpetus

Algne kirjeldus: Improving social and communications kills is a key objective on the integration path of trafficking survivors with a migrant background.

Cultural meanings define some behaviors as normal and right, and others as strange or wrong. They influence the way people start a conversation and the way they engage in dialogue. Cultural differences are not only evidenced by #language, but also by one’s posture, facial expression, and tone of voice.
But what does intercultural communication really means? And how do you communicate effectively across different cultures?

Within the EU-funded LIBES project, Payoke created this video to help our clients explore ways to communicate across cultures.

Autor: Payoke (YouTube)

Avaldamise kuupäev: 25-09-2021

Video pikkus: 03:00